Tasty Morsel

By Danielle Zepess

I lurk

I rise

I lunge

I feast

savoring this tasty treat

It starts

It cries

It flails

It groans

as my teeth crunch up its bones

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Advice from a fellow swimmer

By Michael Zahn

As you crawl through fog, wind, waves and wakes,

on Cane or any other lakes,

don’t assume the boaters see you!

You might wear orange,

you might wear yella,

but you are still invisible, fella!

The boaters don’t mean to clip your ass,

but you are slow and they are fast.

So please show caution, give right of way

and live to stroke another day.

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By Michael Zahn

Too fat to be a swimmer?
Stupid, foolish prattle!
Look at the bodies of the folks
who swim the English Channel

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What about alligators?

By Michael Zahn

The lake’s an invitation —
take it if you dare!
Afraid today? No will to stay?
Tomorrow she’ll still be there.

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Lovers’ Quarrel

By Michael Zahn

The water never lies to me,
it slaps and pushes back.
I have to say its honesty
is an aphrodisiac

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Candy Cane

By Michael Zahn

This little lake can take me
where no one else can go.
I kick and stroke and breathe and hope
and set my world aglow!

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We meet again

By Michael Zahn

I want the lake to like me,
to share in my delight
to splash me back and tickle me
as we again unite

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Go Gentle Into That Lake Cane

By Dr. Steven Newton

Though my friends say it’s insane
I am thankful for Lake Cane
I slip into the Dark Water
I rise with the Sun
Alone with my thoughts
Quietly aware of my fellow swimmers
I have braved the Alligator
I have faced the Brain-Eating Amoeba
My back bears the scars of the Shepherd Duck
The Fearful cannot catch their Breath
The Faithful Breath Slow and Easy
There is no stopping in Lake Cane to Rest
Lucky’s Lake makes Me My Best
I’m not looking for Immortal Fame
I’m just here for the License Plate Frame

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