By Wendy Highland

Darkened mornings, light unmet
Rippled waters, cool and wet
Moon reflected, shadows high
A gentle neighbor in early sky
Misted surface, welcoming guests
Here to put their stress to rest
Smiles greet and hugs abound
A varied family all around
A better start I couldn’t name
Than swimming with friends in our Lake Cane

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Turtles in Lake Cane

By Christopher J. Stalder 2-1-2019

Periscopes up!
Wow, here they come again from the South,
Quick, dive down and swim to the East,
Whew, that was a close one.
To the surface again, periscopes up,
Look at the Lucky’s lake swimmers go,
They sure are passionate about swimming.
Most every morning they arrive around dawn,
Today’s Saturday and they start later,
Tomorrow all will be peaceful.
Praise God for Sundays!

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Safe Harbor

By Kayleigh Boyce

When the disciples saw that
the spirit of Jesus
was walking on water,
Peter was saved
by our Father.

Peter was brave
that he would be saved
by Jesus’ grace.

The strong waves were
pounding to a grave.
By God’s glory,
Peter was safe.

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Ocean Blue

By Jadyn Hardesty

The Pacific Ocean
Creates quite a commotion.

With all those fish swimming around,
I’m sure they won’t drown.

There are fish of every color
Red, white and blue.

Next time you are down there, say Hi
To my fish friend Drew.

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Living Through Living Water

By Anias Cineus

For I live through his water,
The living water.

I know where water comes from, He
And it lives in me.

Oh the joy I get from Him,
Knowing I can live.

No one can be against me,
He is now for me.

Forever showing His love,
He is God above.

Because God reigns Forever,
there is no other.

God, the way, the truth, the life,
The living water.

I describe him in such ways,
He opens the door,
Living through Living Water.

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The Two Fish

By Allison Largaespada

While a fish was on a swim
He stopped to see his friend Tim.

Tim sang a hymn
While they sat on a coral limb.

They saw a whale,
But did not know him.

Tim hurt a fin,
’cause he fell from the coral rim.

Tim had to leave and say good-bye
To the fish, one last time.

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Amazing Turtles

By Victoria Hansen

As turtles go in the pond
They find a friend with which to bond

I like how their hands are tied
That’s why they never hide

Their look is really good
They might even bite wood.

I like it that way
But who cares what people say?

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poem one

By Enzo Torre

Every drop of water
Once have known the ocean
I founded particles of the Mediterranean Sea
When I tasted the morning’s mist
Upon your scarlet lips

Sometimes at night
without leaving a trace
like a rudder in your intercoastal waters
I navigate the sacred passages
of your tidal rush of life
listening the subtle voices
of what wants to bloom in you

Than we kiss
Softly as fallen petals
as two drops of the sea lifted away
from a warm passing breeze…

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poem two

By Enzo Torre

Between the morning`s talking lips,
the horizon is a mobile line
In one point of the line, in silence I exist
Random impulses fight at every moment
to establish the course of a thought,
of drops falling on the sea
spreading concentrically without opinion

Perhaps a drop of the sea
can change the course of a man’s thought
But the collective thought of men
can never change the course of a single drop of the sea
This is the limit to my participation
My pain for the exclusion from the choral harmony

I have no connection with water
My seeds can never fertilize the uterus of the earth
Even if at this moment something light and indivisible
(to spread faithfully) is insinuating conspiratorial beats
among poets, criminals and mixed categories,
Air and Light will always show us our essential human defects
The embrace of the purest water with the fertile land
At the beginning it will always turn into mud.

But if there is only one man that lowers his voice
between the morning`s talking lips
and following the evolution of the wind,
for a moment it succeeds in entering the flow
and become again Air, Light, Sea Drop,
a radiant firefly will grow at the turn of the sky,
Follow her with a smile
This is the force that sustains the world
In the days that no man has smiled
The sun did not appear in the sky
that we raise daily.

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