Lake Cane’s 2nd Annual Pool Toy Float Parade

May 26, 2018 @ 7:45 am
Lucky's Lake
6645 Lake Cane Dr
Orlando, FL 32819
Simba Durio
(407) 885 - 8700

Swim parade starts at 7:45am

Pancake breakfast provided by Lake Cane Restoration Society

Press release here.

Present this flyer for a chance to win a rain barrel!


Swimmer’s Float Parade to name a Queen and keep (the Lake) Clean

Pristine Lake Cane will come abloom Saturday morning with floating unicorns, gigantic plastic ducks and even inflatable pizza slices! Pools toys are in. Lake Cane’s wildly popular Float Parade will happen once again. Explaining to his neighbors, Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer remarked, “Imagine a swimmer-powered parade of your dreams” A float Parade Queen will be selected from attendees that morning. No registration required. Outrageous dress encouraged.

The event will celebrate the 29h anniversary of the lake’s signature event, Lucky’s Lake Swim , a one kilometer out and back course that attracts hundreds of open water swimmers each week. “This is another way we promote safe swimming”. The HOGS (Handsome Openwaterswimming Gentlemen’s Society) will demo the new International Swimming Hall of Fame Safer Swimmer 30-liter Torpedo

Area residents are invited to the spectacle which will be visible to traffic on the western side of the lake paralleling Turkey Lake Road from 7:45 a.m.- 9 a.m.

The family fun Float Parade is designed to raise awareness of how residents can protect the water quality of Lake Cane. Sponsored by the Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS ), this event includes a plant give-a-way. “Planting Florida native plants in your yard helps keep the lake clean”, remarked Jay Madigan, LCRS Executive Director.

LCRS conducts its own water quality testing, every month volunteers track nutrient levels. “Our data is a good conversation starter on the best practices in lawn chemical use”, said Madigan. LCRS advocates homeowners use rain barrels to capture rainwater. They advise crafting rain gardens to detain storm water flow long enough for absorption. LCRS is an all-volunteer Board dedicated to their mission of keeping Lake Cane “Swimmable, Fishable and Lovable.”

Lucky’s Lake Swim is a six-day-a-week event. Over the years the swim has attracted thousands of athletes from around the world to Lake Cane. Several Olympic athletes have joined Lucky for a swim.

“The preservation of the lake is essential not just for current swimmers but for maintaining property values. Everyone wants to live near a healthy lake, no one wants algae bloom in their backyard”, Madigan said. Using best lake management practices, the LCRS works in concert with the Orange County Environmental Protection Division, the City of Orlando Public Works Department, the State of Florida LAKEWATCH program. LCRS has published and presented papers in American Water Works Association sponsored conferences.


Additional LCRS allies include the Florida Association of Native Nurseries, the Edith Bush Institute for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at Rollins College, the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association, the Florida Lake Management Society, the Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation, Friends of Split Oak Forrest, and Fleet Farming. Lake Cane is in the northern most headwaters of the Everglades.


While only skilled swimmers will be allowed to participate in the float parade, spectators are invited and encouraged to view. The lake is within a mile of the Universal Theme Parks in Orlando.


Contact:  Simba Durio (407) 885 – 8700


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