Texas Hold’em Tournament

November 29, 2019 @ 6:15 pm – 10:30 pm
Lucky's House
6645 Lake Cane Dr
Orlando, FL 32819
Lucky Meisenheimer


1st Annual Lake Cane Restoration Society Texas Hold’em Charity Tournament at Lucky & Jacquie’s Big House

50 spots available for this exclusive Texas Hold’em charity tournament on Black Friday at Lucky’s Lake House.  A beginner’s table will be available along with expert coaching and dealing.  Prizes, food, beverages, wine, and beer… THIS is the way to spend your Black Friday!


  • First place prize $300
  • Second place prize $200
  • Third place prize $100

More prizes may be added. (If you would like to donate something for a prize, please contact the organizers, Jay or Lucky.)

Schedule for the night

  • 6:15pm: Doors open
  • 6:45pm: Beginner’s table starts
  • 7:30pm: Tournament starts
  • 10:30pm: Tournament ends


Just when you thought all the charity events were over this year, one more rears it’s angry head. Even if you’ve never played Texas Holdem, watched it on TV, or seen the movie Rounders, that’s okay because we’ll have beginners tables for the first 45 minutes. Professional dealers will teach you how to play, and when the tournament starts, you’ll be playing like a pro. You’ll learn the basic lingo of the game, and Lucky’s tells (his most common tell is him saying shit, shit, shit, and pounding the table with his head when he gets dealt a bad hand. A few seconds later, he will have forgotten (likely due to pounding his head on the table) and will try to bluff).

The is a great parent & college-child-who-returned-home-for-the-holiday outing. $40 registration donation per adult, $20 registration donation for students 18+.  $10 donation for extra chips during the tournament (more chips are good luck!)

Sign up quickly!  35 of 50 seats left after 2 days of sign ups!

Cat Playing Poker