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What do you love about lakes? What does Lake Cane or any lake you favor mean to you? Everyone sees various aspects of nature, and we want to see what matters most to you!

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April 2020 Photography Submissions

Swans on an English River

Birds on a River

Mar 30, 2020

By Linda Moffat I am a native Floridian and grew up in Winter Haven on the Chain of Lakes. I love lakes, rivers…being near the water. But I am submitting a picture I took in England that I really love. My husband is British and his mother lives in a little town called St. Ives. I took this picture in March 2016 when the River Ouse, which flows through the town, was swollen with spring rains, and the birds had flown back up North for the spring. It speaks of renewal, spring, new life!

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Mr. Wood Duck

Mr. Wood Duck

Feb 21, 2020

I took this shot at Lake Morton in Lakeland, FL!

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Never miss a sunrise

Feb 20, 2020

By Mia Nilsen

Every morning watch the sun and get in the water.

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Pretty in pink

Feb 20, 2020

By Kim Nilsen

Nights ops swim. Michelle and Mia ready for some dark water!

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Kayak Mascots – Island Pond, Swim the Kingdom Week 2018

Feb 20, 2020

By Paula J. Yankauskas

8 Lakes in 9 days – Swim the Kingdom Week (Vermont Northeast Kingdom), annual event in August since 2013. This photo is at the second lake, Island Pond in Brighton, Vermont. Each swimmer is required to have a kayak escort. The swimmers in this lake scene have been to Lake Cane! Not surprisingly, as it is part of marathon swimming rounds.

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February 2020 Awards

February 2020 Runner-Up: Mike Coltman