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I Can’t Swim

Sep 13, 2018

By Tarzana Joe

We begin in water
And our legacy’s aquatic
The first swim that we ever make
Is in liquid, amniotic

From the dismal dawn
On our journey to oblivion
We are love and light
But initially, amphibian

Then the moment comes
And it’s on dry land we’re landing
But it don’t seem right
For we’re really not upstanding

So, we find a place
And we’re joined by manly men
To return to grace
Where we swim and swim again

Lucky’s Lake Monster Mash

Sep 12, 2018

By Candee Crowe

Monster: I was swimming in the lake late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For a zombie from his slab did rise
And suddenly to my surprise

Chorus: He did the swim
Monster: He did the food chain swim
Chorus: The Lucky swim
Monster: It was a hundred K smash
Chorus: He did the swim
Monster: It caught on in a flash
Chorus: He did the swim
Monster: He did the hundredth lap

Monster: From the sandy beach in the Mesenheimer’s yard
To the fish filled waters where the alligators feast
The ghouls all came from their humble abodes
To get a halo on the Wall of Fame

Chorus: He did the swim
Monster: He did the food chain swim
Chorus: The Lucky swim
Monster: It was a hundred K smash
Chorus: He did the swim
Monster: It caught on in a flash
Chorus: He did the swim
Monster: Do you have what it takes?

Monster: Some ask why? You’re a crazy fool!
Underwater is where you scream
The guests included Digger and the duck
Doc Lucky and his sons

Monster: The scene was rockin’, all were digging the sounds
Splash bark quack, we’re about to get down!
The crazy fools were about to arrive
With their vocal group, “The Holy Carp!”

The Fog

Sep 10, 2018

By Audrey Carter

When you’re doing the Lucky Lake Swim

And the fog has your vision made dim

Ignore “Audrey’s Rule”

And you’ll be a fool

For in circles you’ll probably swim

Pull, Push, Recover

Sep 10, 2018

By Brian Parramore

Hand sinks in gloom.
Silver bubbles rise.
Pull, push, recover.
Tree line silhouette
Pick up Lollipop
Pull, push recover
buoy four falls behind
Pick up square tree
Pull, push, recover
buoy three passes abeam
square tree stands tall
Pull, push, recover
Pick up double tree
buoy two ahead
Pull, push, recover


Sep 10, 2018

By Tom Welch

They come, green capped and buoyed with giddy anticipation.
Receptive waters, welcoming all.
The plunge is made, stroked and stoked, “Ring that bell!”
Swag snagged, high fived, “eternal glory!”
Anonymity is lost on The Wall, names and dates secured in sharpie.
But who will remember, who will remain?
Some will stay, some will go, some will ebb and flow like a tide.
Friendships forged, fond reminiscence, “Whatever happened to…?”
Yet, like leaves on a river, the names move on
And the lake welcomes all.


Yo Yo Rappin on Cane

Sep 10, 2018

By Bob Shuler


Cane… lake
Yo, ain’t no fake
Swim if u will
Or watch.. it’s chill
This dog says “ruff”
No reason to be tough
Like big Joe, chasin the thin
Swims last and manages a grin
And Raj, with one complete limb
Who can still beat most in the swim
All because of Lucky, our host
Selfless benefactor for which we raise this toast.

By Paul Felker

Apr 11, 2018

The greatest choice
We get to make
Is how and where
We spend our time

May our lives be
A pursuit of joy
Full of joy, love,
Laughter, and rhyme!

There is a place
Where dear friends
Can always
Be near

A place where
The water is great
No matter the
Time of year!

Lake Cane is
The lake for
The kind, the wise,
And the bold!

A home to
Stupendous swimmers
Whether you’re 8 or
80 years old!

Every moment
Of every season
No moment
Is dim!

The happiest
People on Earth
Are peolpe
Who swim!

Our pursuit can be
A pursuit for more
When we’re joined on
Our endeavour

The greatest moments
Of our lives
Are when we choose
To be together!

By George Mann

Apr 10, 2018

There was a fine swimmer named Luck
A quick young man with a buck
He opened his place
To all who would race
Then he bested them all with his duck

Lake Cane By Joe Mattern

Apr 9, 2018

I Am The First One In
And The Last One Out
Together We Win
And I Have No Doubt

I Am So Blessed
To Have You In My Life
In You I Excel
Thinking As Clear As A Bell

I Am A Better Man Because Of You
And For That, Thank You!