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Tom's Poetry Rules

1. Keep your toe in the water (Try to make a connection with something aquatic)

2. Keep it on a calendar page (Shoot for something between a Haiku and a Sonnet)

Duck in a reflecting blue lake


I try to grasp
reflections on the water
as they blue away

-Marta Madigan



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Recent Poetry Submissions

Lake Cane - By Joe Mattern

I Am The First One In
And The Last One Out
Together We Win
And I Have No Doubt

I Am So Blessed
To Have You In My Life
In You I Excel
Thinking As Clear As A Bell

I Am A Better Man Because Of You
And For That, Thank You!

Life of the Lake - By Shawn Berg

your splashing towards me with a breeze
Hoping to call me to the waters Edge
I dip a toe
But must walk away until the morning

By Brian Parramore

Poem 1

"Woof woof, the Lucky swimmers!"
Was there a one dismayed?
Not though the swimmer knew
someone had blundered.
Theirs was not to make reply.
Theirs was not to reason why.
Theirs was just to swim or die.
Into the Lake of Cane swam the six.

Poem 2

Gators to the right of them.
Lampreys to the left of them.
Pi-ranners in front of them.
Flashed and gnashed, and roared.
Driven at with tooth and claw.
boldly they swam, and well.
Into the Jaws of death.
Into the mouth of Hell.
Swam the six.

Poem 3

Flashed all their forelimbs bare.
Flashed as they turned in air.
Stroking through the gators there.
Charging a swarming school,
while all the World wondered.
Plunged in the frothy choke.
Gator bones and teeth lay broke.
Pi-ranner and lamprey
reeled from the freestyle stroke.
Shattered and sundered

Lake Cane - Lucky’s Lake Swim - By Mia Erickson Stevens

Early in the morning,
When the water is calm,
I’m ready to swim,
Just past the palm.

Swim cap is on,
With my goggles in hand,
I put my toes in,
and feel the sand.

The Lucky’s Lake swimmers,
Take off with a dash,
Swimming across the lake,
With very little splash.

A great way to start,
Your day at sunrise,
By experiencing outdoors,
Is the greatest prize.


By Kira Stevens

We inspire, we create, when I hit the water, I feel my fate. The creatures don’t scare me, I am free. The fact that there’s other people doesn’t bother me. I am swimming happy, down at Lucky’s Lake, where the gators don’t frighten me. This is my journey to make.

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