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Lake Cane, are you able?

Nov 5, 2018

By Christopher J. Stalder

Darkness blankets Lake Cane. Stillness fills the air. Then silence is broken with the ancient call of a bird. Dawn comes and a new day is rising with the sun. People gather and stretch their bodies in preparation for entering the cool water, moving through it’s tranquility, breaking into their own activity, ending their night of solitude. Some crawl forward through the lake’s embrace, but one woman’s stroke is more uplifting as if her arms were wings of a butterfly trying to fly above the grasp of dense waters. She moves quickly and gracefully as she passes bouys, reaches the other shore, and heads back. Such bursts of motion, an energy released that was so hidden through the night. New days on ancient water begin with strokes of life in motion for people joining the fun of Lucky’s Lake Swim.


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September's Winner: Tarzana Joe!

I Can't Swim

By Tarzana Joe

We begin in water
And our legacy’s aquatic
The first swim that we ever make
Is in liquid, amniotic

From the dismal dawn
On our journey to oblivion
We are love and light
But initially, amphibian



Then the moment comes
And it’s on dry land we’re landing
But it don’t seem right
For we’re really not upstanding

So, we find a place
And we’re joined by manly men
To return to grace
Where we swim and swim again

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