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Life of the Lake

your splashing towards me with a breeze
Hoping to call me to the waters Edge
I dip a toe
But must walk away until the morning


This Month's Poetry Submissions

By Paul Felker

The greatest choice
We get to make
Is how and where
We spend our time

May our lives be
A pursuit of joy
Full of joy, love,
Laughter, and rhyme!

There is a place
Where dear friends
Can always
Be near

A place where
The water is great
No matter the
Time of year!

Lake Cane is
The lake for
The kind, the wise,
And the bold!

A home to
Stupendous swimmers
Whether you’re 8 or
80 years old!

Every moment
Of every season
No moment
Is dim!

The happiest
People on Earth
Are peolpe
Who swim!

Our pursuit can be
A pursuit for more
When we’re joined on
Our endeavour

The greatest moments
Of our lives
Are when we choose
To be together!

By George Mann

There was a fine swimmer named Luck
A quick young man with a buck
He opened his place
To all who would race
Then he bested them all with his duck

Duck in a reflecting blue lake

In Abstentia - By Barb Abney

While I'm out on the trail,
I monitor the lake via email.
Facebook brings me pictures and words,
sometimes a chuckle when I see animals and birds.
On Easter I saw Father Tom,
and pictured an image of a greater Kingdom.
I've seen sunrises and first timers aplenty,
I tried to count but lost track at twenty.
One learns out the wilderness,
to appreciate sweet joy's like this.
Now if I could just figure out,
how to make an app with a waterspout.

Lake Cane - By Joe Mattern

The First One In
The Last One Out
Together We Win
I Have No Doubt

In You I Excel
Thinking As Clear As A Bell

You Help Me Inspire & Motivate
Out Of Respect, I Am Never Late

I Am A Better Man Because Of You
And For That, Thank You!

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