Water Quality

Finding Florida's pure nature

Florida’s coasts are legendary for their beauty. To find Florida's most pure nature, however, one must adventure through Central Florida’s lakes, rivers and springs. Central Florida residents have a unique responsibility to maintain this environmental heritage we call home. The Lake Cane Restoration Society’s approach to exceeding standard Water Quality measures is to organize citizens as scientists, data collectors and Florida Friendly planters. We employ our time, expertise and enthusiasm toward educating all stakeholders in sustaining Lake Cane as a swimmable, a fishable and, in the future, a drinkable lake.

Adapting best lake management practices, the Lake Cane Restoration Society eagerly works with the Orange County Environmental Protection Division and the City of Orlando Public Works Department, the Florida LAKEWATCH program, the Florida Native Plant Society, the Edith Bush Institute for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at Rollins College, the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association and the Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation.

Volunteer as a Water Quality Tester

Do your part by downloading the water quality testing form and testing your local lake.