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By Cleber Machado

It was a Saturday morning, amazing as almost always!!!!

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The Fog

By Audrey Carter

When you’re doing the Lucky Lake Swim

And the fog has your vision made dim

Ignore “Audrey’s Rule”

And you’ll be a fool

For in circles you’ll probably swim

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Pull, Push, Recover

By Brian Parramore

Hand sinks in gloom.
Silver bubbles rise.
Pull, push, recover.
Tree line silhouette
Pick up Lollipop
Pull, push recover
buoy four falls behind
Pick up square tree
Pull, push, recover
buoy three passes abeam
square tree stands tall
Pull, push, recover
Pick up double tree
buoy two ahead
Pull, push, recover

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By Tom Welch

They come, green capped and buoyed with giddy anticipation.
Receptive waters, welcoming all.
The plunge is made, stroked and stoked, “Ring that bell!”
Swag snagged, high fived, “eternal glory!”
Anonymity is lost on The Wall, names and dates secured in sharpie.
But who will remember, who will remain?
Some will stay, some will go, some will ebb and flow like a tide.
Friendships forged, fond reminiscence, “Whatever happened to…?”
Yet, like leaves on a river, the names move on
And the lake welcomes all.


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Yo Cane

Cane lake
Yo, ain’t no fake
Swim if u will
Other watch.. it’s chill
This dog says “ruff”
No reason to be tough
Like big Joe, chasin the thin
swims last, but still manages a grin
And Raj, with one complete limb
Who can still beat most in the swim
All because of Lucky, our host
Selfless benefactor for which we raise a toast.

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