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Kayak Mascots – Island Pond, Swim the Kingdom Week 2018

By Paula J. Yankauskas

8 Lakes in 9 days – Swim the Kingdom Week (Vermont Northeast Kingdom), annual event in August since 2013. This photo is at the second lake, Island Pond in Brighton, Vermont. Each swimmer is required to have a kayak escort. The swimmers in this lake scene have been to Lake Cane! Not surprisingly, as it is part of marathon swimming rounds.

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Tasty Morsel

By Danielle Zepess

I lurk

I rise

I lunge

I feast

savoring this tasty treat

It starts

It cries

It flails

It groans

as my teeth crunch up its bones

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Advice from a fellow swimmer

By Michael Zahn

As you crawl through fog, wind, waves and wakes,

on Cane or any other lakes,

don’t assume the boaters see you!

You might wear orange,

you might wear yella,

but you are still invisible, fella!

The boaters don’t mean to clip your ass,

but you are slow and they are fast.

So please show caution, give right of way

and live to stroke another day.

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By Michael Zahn

Too fat to be a swimmer?
Stupid, foolish prattle!
Look at the bodies of the folks
who swim the English Channel

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What about alligators?

By Michael Zahn

The lake’s an invitation —
take it if you dare!
Afraid today? No will to stay?
Tomorrow she’ll still be there.

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