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A soft landing

By Kathleen Fitzgerald

Photo taken at Lucky’s Lake Swim, September 25, 2020. Although the egret appears to be standing on the turtle’s back, it was coming in for a landing and stopped just beyond the turtle.

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Myst’ry Bog

By Laura Cole

I have a story, oh, to tell
That many oft have whispered still
It’s ‘bout a man who legend speak
But myst’ry does so ‘round him leak…

If ever were one should to ask
No, best, if you should better bask
Within the deep dark watery bog
Should find yourself that gruesome log…

Don’t worry, ah, he cackles so
The water’s fresh, now in you go
But once you enter, soon you’ll know
You’re the bait for his new show…

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Lake Reflections

By Linda M Moffat

Photo taken near Orange City, Florida. The black and white infrared treatment brings out the reflections of the trees in the water and creates a contrast with the sky.

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Lake Cane is our cathedral.

By Michael Zahn

Lake Cane
is our cathedral.
The wild creatures
are our choir.
They sing of Cane
a sweet refrain.
They speak in tongues,
but this is what they surely say:
Fill this lake with love
for those below
and those above.
Let all enjoy
and play
and pray
and work unceasingly
day after day
to ensure
that Cane stays pure
so its allure
will endure.

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Storms of Life

By Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

Seasonal contests wage between storm clouds and sunset…

Darkening shades of gray, hints of black sit heavy,

Pushing down forcibly upon the streaks and stripes of soft pinks, faint purples and
inevitable feisty oranges that mark day’s end…

But even clouds fully-laden with turbulent, uncharted waters of challenge and change,

Threatening the status-quo

Must surrender…

…to the colorful palate that resurrects itself as sunrise.

©2011 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

Photo: Life’s Burdens
Ruskin, FL
October 1, 2020

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