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Ode to Lucky: a “Swimmerick”

By Tom Welch

An aquatic young doctor named “Lucky”,
Made his way south from Eastern Kentucky.
His swim’s now historic,
Wall signers – euphoric!
Yet, is all about pushing the puck, he!

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The Lake

By Seth Wycha (age 7)

On the weekends when I wake,
I like to see our local lake
with my mommy and my bike,
my little brother on his trike.
If I’m lucky, in the water
I might see a baby otter
or some birds in the trees
while I feel the gentle breeze.
There’s nothing like the water’s shine.
The lake – where lovely creatures live and dine.

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The Swimmers Who Have Left Us

By Michael Zahn

No more water chill on skin,
no more fear of loss
or joy of win;
they are on the longest lap of all
The infinity pool
to which they have been called
has lanes that stretch forever
on the longest lap of all
No more will heartless pace clocks
tally up their faults.
Achievement records frozen now,
on the longest lap of all
Oh, you splendid living swimmers,
delight in every splash
in sunshine and in squall
for someday you will join them
on the longest lap of all

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