February 2021

White Duck near Lake Eola

By Chris Stalder

Lakes mean a peaceful enjoyment of life and recreation. I love getting to see other people that are taking the edge off of existence in finding a time to reconnect with nature and stretch their limbs and minds in the fresh air. Our family real estate office was on the corner of Central Blvd. and Rosalind Av. for 10 years (of 40) and I just loved having the opportunity to enjoy the opportunities to enjoy this beautiful oasis in the heart of busy downtown Orlando. Central Florida is so blessed with plentiful rainfall and lakes and this gives everyone here an opportunity to enjoy such wonder-filled experiences with nature and people. This image is not in focus, and I enjoy it all the more for the soft, gentle feeling it brings.

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Lake Pierce

By Linda Moffat

A photo of Lake Pierce in Lake Wales, Polk County Florida. I am a native of Polk County and grew up on a lake. The lakes in Central Florida are vital ecosystems that support animal and plant life and provide recreational opportunities to our residents. For me, the lakes represent the ultimate in beauty and serenity.

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Water Seen

By Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

Pastel hues of orange and yellow gently herald sunrise;
morning lifts its misty veil from water’s edge.

browns, blacks, whites
varying sizes and shapes
indigenous or immigrant
birds of a feather…
go their separate ways seeking delights that lie below the surface.

Heads and/or bodies submerge
surface somewhat satisfied

but one, unidentified caring heart
silently signals “There’s great eating over heeeere!”

their differences aside
they come together
to feed from the underwater abundance;
demonstrating there can be harmony among us.

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The Mermaids of Lake Cane

By Michael Zahn

“Mermaids at night, sailors take fright.”
(Ancient adage that I just made up.)
Many a sailor has gone insane
upon spying the mermaids of Lake Cane.
After a night of too much beer,
these sailors claim that they can hear
the mermaids sing in tones divine:
“Do not fear, the water’s fine.”
In dead of night, in full moonlight,
the mermaids lure the sailors in
with flips of their tails and saucy grins.
As legend tells it, the sailors succumb
because they’re drunk (and also dumb).
Next morning, the sailors wake in their beds
with soaking wet clothes and huge throbbing heads.
Ask them what happened, you’ll only get groans
and pleas that you speak in much gentler tones.
The fable ends here, the moral is clear:
If, while drinking too much Yuengling,
you think that you hear mermaids singing,
and it sets your senses tingling,
let those feelings slide right past.
Ahoy! Avast! A midnight splash would be half-mast.
Batten your hatches! Put down all beers, including Pabst.
Don’t lose your head, set sail for bed,
‘cause the mermaids of Cane are creations to dread.

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