September 2020

Retrospect 2013

By Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

Seven years and nine months ago, this was my view across the “lake” at twilight. In the name of progress, it is long gone!

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The Corona-cation Chronicles Day Thirty-six

By Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

There is calm in a rain
that keeps one still;
drizzle or deluge
off leaves drops spill.

And when the rain stops,
there’s calm there, too.
On a drip tip rests
a watery bijou.

My eyes are riveted
on this delicate balancing act;
calm in anticipation
of its longevity protract.

And just like that,
the droplet falls to the ground
where it does the most good
and in this my calm is most profound.

© June 2020 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

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Mom knows best

By Andria Hoag

Common Gallinule with her newborn chicks on Lk. Apopka. This chick was demanding too much and she set him straight.

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Southern Lakes

By Jennifer Kostrzewski

Southern lakes are great.
They’re warm, wet, and refreshing.
AHHHH! Alligators!

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Let this lake . . .

By Michael Zahn

Let this lake
be lit with love
for the creatures below
and the creatures above.
Let this lake
be flush with fish,
fulfillment of
every angler’s wish.
Let this lake
be glassy smooth
so paddle boarders
can get their groove.
Let this lake
be gator-free,
(as much as any lake can be)
so swimmers
can kick in ecstacy.
Let this lake
be free of yuck
for those who
quietly skinny-dip
(or chunky-dunk).
Let this lake
be fertilized no more
so weeds don’t choke
and block the shore.
Let this lake
be bright as crystal,
with clarity deep,
not superficial.
Let this lake
please all its users,
including canoers,
kayakers and canoodlers.
In summary,
we surely all want Cane to be
a haven, clean, pristine, pollution-free.
We are Cane’s men, we are Cane’s women:
Let this be our sacred mission.

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