By Kathleen Fitzgerald

While I was gone, I imagined the lake awakening to the sun’s morning rays.
While I was gone, I imagined the carp circling hopefully under the dock.
While I was gone, I imagined the birds soaring and wading and diving.
While I was gone, I imagined the breeze gently rippling the lake’s surface.
While I was gone, I imagined my body immersed in the water as I pulled myself across the lake.

When I returned, the dawn’s early light revealed the majesty of the lake.
When I returned, the carp were fed treats by the morning’s first swimmers.
When I returned, a tricolored heron tiptoed along the shallow shoreline.
When I returned, the rippling waters reflected the clouds and the sky.
When I returned, my body and soul were renewed by the glorious lake water.

Lucky’s Lake continued to live while I was gone.
Lucky’s Lake brought me joy when I returned.

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Yo Cane

Cane lake
Yo, ain’t no fake
Swim if u will
Other watch.. it’s chill
This dog says “ruff”
No reason to be tough
Like big Joe, chasin the thin
swims last, but still manages a grin
And Raj, with one complete limb
Who can still beat most in the swim
All because of Lucky, our host
Selfless benefactor for which we raise a toast.

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In Abstentia

While I’m out on the trail,
I monitor the lake via email.
Facebook brings me pictures and words,
sometimes a chuckle when I see animals and birds.
On Easter I saw Father Tom,
and pictured an image of a greater Kingdom.
I’ve seen sunrises and first timers aplenty,
I tried to count but lost track at twenty.
One learns out the wilderness,
to appreciate sweet joy’s like this.
Now if I could just figure out,
how to make an app with a waterspout.

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’Lake Cane’

The First One In
The Last One Out
Together We Win
I Have No Doubt

In You I Excel
Thinking As Clear As A Bell

You Help Me Inspire & Motivate
Out Of Respect, I Am Never Late

I Am A Better Man Because Of You
And For That, Thank You!

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