Eat, Pray, Swim 2020: VIRTUAL Sunrise Easter Service

April 12, 2020 @ 7:02 am – 8:02 am



Event Description

Not liking quarantine? Would you like some fun in isolation? Then Eat Pray Swim’s 10th anniversary is for you. That’s right – Corona Virus will NOT stop us celebrating Easter. Entirely virtually, Reverend Tom Welch will share the message of the Risen Christ at daybreak Sunday morning. We will gather in the Spirit – and through technology! That’s the Pray part. Stand by for a link and further instructions on how-to and all that (Tom’s looking for a Grace app).


Edgewood Children’s Ranch Donations

Now for the Swim part! Um…here is the thing. Lucky’s Lake Swim remains closed to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. As you likely know, each year for Easter, we pass the hat for a local charity. Last year and this year, we chose Edgewood Children’s Ranch. Knowing what a bummer it is to miss Lucky’s swim, we ask that everyone consider a donation to the Edgewood Children’s Ranch to show your appreciation for folks on Easter who really need some help. Edgewood Children’s Ranch has helped Orlando-area families and children since 1966 with no government funding, a belief that a relationship with Christ is a key to healing families … our pay pal button makes donation easy PLUS if you wish to purchase EPS 10th anniversary gear; a portion of each purchase will go to Edgewood Children’s Ranch, or you could do both!




Outstanding Pancake Maker’s Recipe Contest!!

Now for the Eat part – we all know Geno’s fame as a pancake maker and flipper. It turns out – his recipe for pancakes all these years is “open the box, add water and stir”. Let’s come up with some pancake ideas we can all make at home. We’ll compete by sharing recipes with everyone so we can all eat the pancakes of our dreams on Easter morning. 

The contest includes three categories for recipes – in each category, a winner will be recognized as “an outstanding pancake maker” by food journalist Marta Madigan! As it is Geno’s tradition to cook in an apron, we will have three aprons made as prizes for the winners – each apron with the 10 Year EPS logo. IF you win, IF you are one of the three “outstanding pancake makers” chosen, then we will ship you an EPS apron of your very own!.

Here are the contest rules: 

  1. Submit (post) your pancake recipe to the LCRS website (SUBMIT BELOW!) by April 9 – please include a picture(s) of you and your pancakes!
  2. Three of the contestants submitting recipes will receive recognition as “outstanding” – and an apron! here are the there categories: 

(a) Heirloom recipe – can be American or ethnic or whatever Granny taught you to make!

(b) Healthy recipe – using whole wheat, gluten-free, vegan, whatever you think is healthy – Colorado entries cannot cross state lines!

(c) Hilarious recipe – be creative, extravagant, and funny!

  1. Once you winners receive your aprons, please submit a picture of you in your apron (in speedos and apron or bikini and apron optional)



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