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Candy Cane

Feb 19, 2020

By Michael Zahn

This little lake can take me
where no one else can go.
I kick and stroke and breathe and hope
and set my world aglow!

We meet again

Feb 19, 2020

By Michael Zahn

I want the lake to like me,
to share in my delight
to splash me back and tickle me
as we again unite

For the Love of Swimming

Feb 19, 2020

By Pete Gold

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I Love Swimming
I Suck at Poetry

Go Gentle Into That Lake Cane

Feb 19, 2020

By Dr. Steven Newton

Though my friends say it’s insane
I am thankful for Lake Cane
I slip into the Dark Water
I rise with the Sun
Alone with my thoughts
Quietly aware of my fellow swimmers
I have braved the Alligator
I have faced the Brain-Eating Amoeba
My back bears the scars of the Shepherd Duck
The Fearful cannot catch their Breath
The Faithful Breath Slow and Easy
There is no stopping in Lake Cane to Rest
Lucky’s Lake makes Me My Best
I’m not looking for Immortal Fame
I’m just here for the License Plate Frame

Lake Of The Cane

Feb 18, 2020

By Laura Cole

Foul monsters and zombies do lie down beneath
But give you no mind dear, ‘tis all but a tease
The depths, the abyss, what is down in the deep?
Do come now, step in now, we’ll put you at ease

So sheepish step I, to that watery bog
My breath is now fainting, my legs are like logs
Swam I to the take, the return to the dock
But shadow, I glimpsed it, my heart it did pause!

What horrors! My mind shrieked, so quickened my pace
How foolish, oh death! Why swim I in this lake?
Then suddenly, glory, stare I it, in the face!
Restore now my steps to the friendly estate

Return, yes, shall I, til the succeeding day,
To battle the monsters of Lake of the Cane

My Life

Feb 18, 2020

By Michael Zahn

Smoothly, stroke by stroke in the dark,
swimming naked under the stars
the length of the lake

Water falls

Feb 18, 2020

By Po Nortcliff

Winters days are far away, and far away let them stay.
After spring does summer come, glaring heat and heavy sun.
Strong desire for rainfall, aquatic calls and water falls.
Wet our needs and those sewn seeds.
After rain, glaring sun, the chirp of birds, and rainbows come.
Glad we are and fresh again. More rain may come but who knows when.
Dry season soon and we shall learn. We need more water, less sunburn.

Lake Cane

Feb 18, 2020

By Liz Dillmann

Come one, come all
To the Lake as it calls
And swim with the rise of the sun

Swim fast, swim slow,
Just smile as you go
And bring your friends back for the fun.

Swimming is Golden

Feb 17, 2020

By Melissa Mishoe

I joined the Y in year thousand three with swim classmates more than three decades older than me.

A lifelong swimmer I have been in many a lake, river, or pool. Being in water, to me, is always cool.

Diagnosed with RA I sought out aquatics classes at the Y to improve my flexibility and to make me more spry.

Participation in deep and shallow water classes is certain to make me smile.
I am looking forward to swimming this year on Lake Cane my second “Golden Mile”.