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Oh how I miss thee

May 14, 2020

By Simba Durio

Oh Lake Cane how I miss thee,
It’s been too long without me
Did I take you for granted being able to drink you everyday but Sunday?
Perhaps, but alls I know without you the skies were surely grey.
My old crusty friends were getting lazy
Needing to swim before they go crazy.
But alas, things are no longer as dim
You can now sign up for a spot to swim
But make sure you arrive on time
Or I hear Ole Lucky will not be kind
Please make sure your name is on the list
Or today’s swim you will certainly miss
Even if you’re only open to just a few
I’m just glad I can see the old crew


May 14, 2020

By Kathleen Fitzgerald

While I was gone, I imagined the lake awakening to the sun’s morning rays.
While I was gone, I imagined the carp circling hopefully under the dock.
While I was gone, I imagined the birds soaring and wading and diving.
While I was gone, I imagined the breeze gently rippling the lake’s surface.
While I was gone, I imagined my body immersed in the water as I pulled myself across the lake.

When I returned, the dawn’s early light revealed the majesty of the lake.
When I returned, the carp were fed treats by the morning’s first swimmers.
When I returned, a tricolored heron tiptoed along the shallow shoreline.
When I returned, the rippling waters reflected the clouds and the sky.
When I returned, my body and soul were renewed by the glorious lake water.

Lucky’s Lake continued to live while I was gone.
Lucky’s Lake brought me joy when I returned.

At Long Last

May 14, 2020

By Robin Perez

At Long Last
A chill in the air
A slight chop on the water
Two by Two on both sides
Heading toward the light
Back again
Back toward the light
And home
It has been too long
But at long last
Back at Lucky’s again

After the Lockdown

May 11, 2020

By Michael Zahn

For those swept away from us
by the infinite undertow,
we swim.
For the mourning,
we swim.
For ourselves,
we swim.
* * *
We undulate, remembering
those who lie motionless in boxes and urns.
We dive, remembering
those who won’t ever return to the surface.
We rotary-breathe, remembering
those whose chests no longer rise and fall.
We kick, remembering
those whose pace clocks are frozen forever.
We stroke, remembering
those no longer confined by lane lines.
We count our laps,
remembering those who are on the longest lap of all.

Look to the Lake

May 9, 2020

By Brady Estrada

While the calm waters reflect our empty streets
and the rough waters reflect our busy hospitals,
in these uncertain times, we look to the Lake

we are Balancing this new life of doing nothing
and knowing that there is nothing we can do

nothing but stay home
nothing but look to the Lake

the water connects us from one side to the other
and while its bed is often more than six feet from its surface
it remains one Unified body

in these uncertain times, what we lack in proximity
we must make up for in Togetherness

so we look to the things that remain unchanged
we look to the Lake

I gaze upon your stillness pondering (Sonnet 1)

May 9, 2020

By Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

I gaze upon your stillness pondering,
What secrets lie below your calm display?
Incessant question’s answers squandering,
Assuming promise of another day.
Eyes fixed on clear reflections undisturbed;
There stoic models pose without fatigue
Seem evermore serene and unperturbed,
But for the chevronel of ducks in league.
Spell broken finally, the winds join in;
Images ripple freely to-and-fro ,
Without restraint the waves their work begin.
Revealing what may happen down below.
The turbulence calls upward precious gems
That in sunlight vie for His diadem.

© May 2020 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

The Quarantine Of Sweet Lake Cane

Apr 9, 2020

By Laura Cole

We whine and pine for the Lake sublime
We wish to swim, but are hemmed in

No amoebas, shall we thus inhale
No pirhhanas, nipping at our heels
No monster shadows as we swim
No zombies as the daylight dims

No coffee, bacon, or pancakes
No old stuffed gator, no accolades
No signing of the wall of fame
No glorious pictures of the day

No Easter Sunrise, prayers still arise
Our fellowship we do remind
This is our fate, this is our due
For we are quarantined, it’s true.

COVID 19 has had its say
And home it is, we all shall stay
But month be gone, still to this day
The quarantine of sweet Lake Cane

Momentous as this time may be
There is a hope our eyes shall see
For one day soon, we shall return
To give our muscles quite a burn

And to Doc Lucky we will remark
Thankful gladness in our hearts!

Doc Meisenheimer

Apr 9, 2020

By Laura Cole

There once was a doc Meisenheimer,
Who sat with his friends at the diner,
He said with a quip,
Come on friends take a dip
In Lake Cane for you’ll be all the finer!

Could I Swim In That? (a Haiku)

Apr 8, 2020

By Danielle Zepess

Pond behind our house
Far too shallow for swimming
Only inches deep