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By Kira Stevens

Apr 9, 2018

We inspire, we create, when I hit the water, I feel my fate. The creatures don’t scare me, I am free. The fact that there’s other people doesn’t bother me. I am swimming happy, down at Lucky’s Lake, where the gators don’t frighten me. This is my journey to make.

‘O’ Lake Cane’ By Joe Mattern

Apr 9, 2018

O’ Lake Cane
How I Love Thee
Let Me Count The Waves

Your Bass’y
Your Glassy
Your Classy
And Oh So Sassy!

I Am The First One In
And The Last One Out
Together We Win
And I Have No Doubt

Your The Best Free Gift
I Could Ever Receive
I Simply Believe
I Never Want To Leave

I Once Dreamed Of The Sea
Where I Wanted To Be
However, You Hold The Key
To Help Me, Be Me!

While Lucky Is Truly Lucky
I Too Am Lucky To Have You
Full Of Animals From The Zoo
Who? You!

I Am So Blessed
To Have You In My Life
In You I Excel
Thinking As Clear As A Bell

Soon We Will Be Together, Forever
Feeling As Light As A Feather
Because In You I Feel Better
Which Is Why I Write This Letter

You Help Me Inspire & Motivate
Out Of Respect, I Am Never Late
Why? Because You Rate!

In You, I Lost Weight
I Am A Better Man Because Of You
And For That, Thank You!

Duck in a reflecting blue lake


Jan 31, 2018

I try to grasp
reflections on the water
as they blue away

-Marta Madigan