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1. Keep your toe in the water (Try to make a connection with something aquatic)

2. Keep it on a calendar page (Shoot for something between a Haiku and a Sonnet)

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November 2022 Poetry Submissions

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Nov 2022 Poetry Winner

Water Just Is

When Water…
by Rebecca Preston

I sense her calm
And hear her
Peaceful sound.
She can spout from the ground
Or twirl round and round.

Water can smell
Salty or musty.
She can feel
Clean or muddy.
She can be
Stagnant And still
In murky brown.

Water just is
She goes with the flow,
Fast and steady
Or rough and hard.
Be cold and heavy,
Be light as a feather
As she melts and dissolves.

She drips from the sky
From clouds mountains high.
Like a Kite,
Throughout the night
On waves blue and white,
That get high
As a tower,
Full of power.

She can bring life,
She is timeless
In her cycle that
Is pending
And never ending


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