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Lament of a Mature Swimmer

My belly drapes over my Speedo,
My muscles are not to be seen,
The teenagers are making some comments,
And all of those comments are mean.
Oh bring back, bring back,
bring back my six-pack to me, to me!
Bring back, bring back,
my body at age 23!

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A Poem about water seeping into the space between

by Janet Mamon

she stands
heels planted firmly on the sandy shore
toes licked and flicked by cooling waves

she breathes
heart syncopates to the ebb and flow of
mourning tides

she cries
warm tears
adding to the waves of salted beauty

she is
one with the sparkles of water, azure skies, and infinite loveliness

she sings
a song of thanks that fills her to the brim

she believes
she is complete
and takes a bow

she is quiet
in the applause of
whispering wind

she hears
oh my love
pull back the curtain
the show is about to begin

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When Water…

When Water… by Becca Preston #PumaPoet

When water
Goes with the flow
On my toes,
I feel its calm
And hear its
Peaceful sound.
As she drips from the sky
From clouds mountains high,
Like a kite
Thought out the night.
On waves of blue and white
That get as high a tower,
Full of power.
Destruction reigns,
When we try to maintain,
And tame
Her water’s life.

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Water Just Is

When Water…
by Rebecca Preston

I sense her calm
And hear her
Peaceful sound.
She can spout from the ground
Or twirl round and round.

Water can smell
Salty or musty.
She can feel
Clean or muddy.
She can be
Stagnant And still
In murky brown.

Water just is
She goes with the flow,
Fast and steady
Or rough and hard.
Be cold and heavy,
Be light as a feather
As she melts and dissolves.

She drips from the sky
From clouds mountains high.
Like a Kite,
Throughout the night
On waves blue and white,
That get high
As a tower,
Full of power.

She can bring life,
She is timeless
In her cycle that
Is pending
And never ending

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Hard 2 Object

Hard 2 Object
Suzanne S. Austin-Hill




Tumbling…tumbling… tum-bling.

Resolving itself in quiet places
Righting itself in quiet spaces

Where you can hear yourself think –


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Poseidon’s Daughter/Water Fodder

by Geoffrey Solomon

For the thirst in my heart, I sought her

The only quench was Poseidon’s daughter

To play hard to get he taught her

For want of her coolness I’m hotter

To slake my thirst I have bought her 

The sailors lament, she was not her

Surrounded by her I caught her

Embracing her swells, I’ve got her

As she drowns my soul I fought her

She chokes me, I love her


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Now I lay me down to swim

By Michael O. Zahn

Now I lay me down to swim,
the Lord knows that each stroke’s a hymn,
a solemn song my body sings:
a sacramental offering.
If I should tire before the shore,
And never reach the beach at all,
I pray the Lord my soul to take,
that in God’s glade I will awake.

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Volunteer Swim coach: A Tribute

By Michael O. Zahn

He walks with two canes,
he’s fragile and fat,
the kids on the team
lug his extra-wide chair,
gently help him sit back.

But his voice still has sinew,
he bellows tough drills.
With sandpaper words
he strives to propel
even the slackers,
to make all excel.

Once, long ago,
he was slim and swam swift.
An Adonis in butterfly,
flaunting gods’ gift!
The water was whipped
by his lunges and plunges!
Sprays of ribbons
were showered by judges.

Ribbons fray.
Butterflies die.
Bodies betray.
The gods can deny.

What’s left of Adonis
you’ll find at the pool
in his extra-wide chair,
a pain-drenched old grandpa
who’s fighting despair
by bequeathing his dreams
to the ripening teens
on the high-school swim team.

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The Lake Cane Restoration Society

By Suzanne S. Austin-Hill
Form: Acrostic

“Lucky” Meisenheimer’s

Aquatic oasis is

Kept swimmable, fishable, drinkable, and loveable1 through

Efforts proactively protecting this unique spring-fed water resource in central Florida.1

Complaints, anger, disgust from residents and visitors

Alike were volunteer swimmer-scientists’ call to action.

National media joined their curative response to the

Explosion of algae. They prevented green slime from claiming our favorite swimming-hole.

1Promoting best practices in restoring Lake Cane

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Ode to Lucky: a “Swimmerick”

By Tom Welch

An aquatic young doctor named “Lucky”,
Made his way south from Eastern Kentucky.
His swim’s now historic,
Wall signers – euphoric!
Yet, is all about pushing the puck, he!

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