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I gaze upon your stillness pondering (Sonnet 1)

By Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

I gaze upon your stillness pondering,
What secrets lie below your calm display?
Incessant question’s answers squandering,
Assuming promise of another day.
Eyes fixed on clear reflections undisturbed;
There stoic models pose without fatigue
Seem evermore serene and unperturbed,
But for the chevronel of ducks in league.
Spell broken finally, the winds join in;
Images ripple freely to-and-fro ,
Without restraint the waves their work begin.
Revealing what may happen down below.
The turbulence calls upward precious gems
That in sunlight vie for His diadem.

© May 2020 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

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Advice from a fellow swimmer

By Michael Zahn

As you crawl through fog, wind, waves and wakes,

on Cane or any other lakes,

don’t assume the boaters see you!

You might wear orange,

you might wear yella,

but you are still invisible, fella!

The boaters don’t mean to clip your ass,

but you are slow and they are fast.

So please show caution, give right of way

and live to stroke another day.

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