The Quarantine Of Sweet Lake Cane

By Laura Cole

We whine and pine for the Lake sublime
We wish to swim, but are hemmed in

No amoebas, shall we thus inhale
No pirhhanas, nipping at our heels
No monster shadows as we swim
No zombies as the daylight dims

No coffee, bacon, or pancakes
No old stuffed gator, no accolades
No signing of the wall of fame
No glorious pictures of the day

No Easter Sunrise, prayers still arise
Our fellowship we do remind
This is our fate, this is our due
For we are quarantined, it’s true.

COVID 19 has had its say
And home it is, we all shall stay
But month be gone, still to this day
The quarantine of sweet Lake Cane

Momentous as this time may be
There is a hope our eyes shall see
For one day soon, we shall return
To give our muscles quite a burn

And to Doc Lucky we will remark
Thankful gladness in our hearts!